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House 11 was formed out of a necessity; while the 3 of them may have come from varied pasts, they all have the same drive to produce a high level of professionalism in their music while fostering an atmosphere of joy between them and their audience. With a heart for connecting and serving their community through music, House 11 uses their talents to encourage music and fellowship in the areas around them. 

Natti Rae grew up heavily influenced under the music of her grandfather, a prominent musician in Florida. ​At the age of 5, Natalie began her private lessons in Piano which has turned into a key foothold for her vocal accompaniment. As an original singer songwriter too, she found great influence in Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Etta James. Natalie has a strong conviction for mental health and wellness, inspiring much of her musical tenacity. 

Nicholas Rhodes is one of the few original Charlotteans (born and raised here in Charlotte NC). With an attraction to Latin, Romanian Folk, Funk, and Neo-Soul, Nicholas brings a unique interpretation of Popular Music to Guitar, Vocals, and Saxophone. Outside of performing, he has a deep passion for traveling and being immersed in other cultures; anywhere he goes, music is guaranteed to follow alongside him.

Carson Heath was born and raised in Concord, NC. Having played drums his entire life, Carson studied Criminology at Western Carolina University. Maintaining his chops on the WCU drumline, he later taught at Revelation Percussion and recently returned from his deployment to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. 

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